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Are you active in a social movement, for example, in an organization against racism or sexism, for climate justice, housing rights, a living wage, trans and queer rights, or digital civil rights? Do you notice that your people could use more guidance to make a good contribution to your cause? And do you, therefore, want to learn to give training and improve your facilitation skills? 

During this weekend, you will learn the basics of training and facilitating people who are active in social movements. 

After the training you will be able to develop and give workshops yourself to make your movement stronger. So that your group can realize the change you stand for!

The weekend is also an excellent opportunity to meet other trainers and facilitators from other movements.

What can you expect?

We mainly work with Direct Education, developed by Training for Change. This is a group learning method that prioritizes participants’ experiences and pays attention to diversity and (mitigating) power in the group. This way of learning together can help build our skills to fight for a better world while trying to put this better world already into practice.

Topics that will be covered are:

– The role of the trainer or facilitator.

– The experiential learning cycle.

– Different learning styles.

– Facilitation tools.

– Designing trainings.

– Building a group that is as safe as possible to facilitate learning.

– Group diagnosis.

– Group and power dynamics and how you can respond to them as a trainer and facilitator.

For whom?

The training is for people who:

  • Are active in one or more social movements; think of movements against racism, for climate justice, housing security, trans and queer rights, democratic education, a living minimum wage, tenants’ rights, or internet freedom.
  • Already facilitate in their group and/or give training and workshops, or would like to do so.

Because we particularly want to encourage (aspiring) Black trainers and trainers of color, we will prioritize these candidates.

The training is of interest to beginners and more experienced trainers who want to learn about direct education and its application in the context of social movements.

The training is also useful for people who often facilitate meetings and workshops. As chair or facilitator, you will also be able to use many of the trainer skills you learn. However, we mainly focus on facilitating learning processes rather than on facilitating decision-making.

If you have already followed a Training for Social Action Trainers from Trainers for Change, you may learn only a few new things, but you will get a chance to deepen your knowledge.

By whom?

Trainers organization Stroomversnellers organizes the program. If you want to know more about who we are, click here.

Two amazing trainers from our network will come to the Netherlands, especially for us to provide the train-the-trainer:

Ali Tamlit; co-founder of British trainers collective Resist + Renew, and freelance trainer with the Scottish trainer cooperative Tripod: Training for Creative Social Action.

Olga Bloemen; member of the Scottish trainer cooperative Tripod: Training for Creative Social Action.

Practical info and accessibility

The weekend will be from March 31, 17:00, to April 2, 17:00, near Nijmegen (Train-the-Trainer 2023 fully booked)

We strive to make the training as accessible as possible. Below you will find some practical information about this. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or specific requests regarding accessibility. The location is accessible by car and public transport and is wheelchair accessible.

The meals are vegetarian/vegan. We sleep in a dormitory with individually partitioned beds. Some single and double bedrooms are available for those who need them. 

We will take measures to prevent covid infections as much as possible, including self-testing and regular ventilation. In this way, we will protect each other as best we can. 

The main parts of the training will be in English. However, for group assignments, we can switch to Dutch. Please let us know if you need help participating in English, and we will find a solution together.


Organizing a good train-the-trainer takes a lot of time and thousands of euros. Therefore, we think it is essential that this program is accessible to as many people as possible who already spend a lot of time organizing for social change. That is why Stroomversnellers has applied for funding from various sources.

The financial contribution we ask from you as a participant is therefore limited. If you can make a contribution according to your means (suggestion: between €10 and €250, but more or less is also possible), that will help us cover the training costs.

Do you want to participate as an employee of an NGO or other paid work? Different rates apply (depending on your organization’s budget between 420 and 1400 ex VAT). Inquire here (

You will be notified by March 1st whether you have been selected. Please keep the train-the-trainer weekend free in your agenda until then.

Questions? Feel free to contact us at t4t [at] We’ll be happy to help!