Train-the-trainer 2023 English

Use this form to apply for the Train-the-trainer from 31 March to 2 April 2023. Based on the answers, we will select around 20 participants. Feel free to answer the questions briefly. As long as we get a good picture of who you are, what you want to learn and what you want to do as a trainer, it will suffice! Would you rather sign up by leaving a message or calling (video)? You can. Then send a short e-mail with your name and number to t4t [at] We will then contact you as soon as possible.
They/them, she/her, he/him etc.
We ask this so we can contact you last minute about practical matters related to the weekend.
If you are active in many organisations, choose the 3 most important ones.
You can briefly talk here about things like when and why you became active, around which themes, in which organisations, what roles you have taken on, etc.
(For example: What themes and organisations are you motivated to get involved in? What roles do you see yourself taking on in the future?)
For example: things you struggle with as a trainer, things you would like to practise, things you would like to know more about, etc.
For example: which groups and topics are you excited to start applying your knowledge to?
We ask this because we want to ensure that the group is composed in such a way that many different experiences and backgrounds are present in the group. We also give particular priority to Black people and people of colour in this training.
Good to know: we sleep in a shared dormitory, beds are however individually shielded with a wall and curtains. Some single and double rooms are available for those who need it. Meals are vegetarian with possible vegan options. The rooms are wheelchair accessible. You can mention things here such as: need for an individual bedroom, a rest room to retreat to from time to time, dietary requirements, having handouts sent to you in advance, sound amplification, help with (financing), childcare...
How much can you contribute for your participation?*
Payment is made only upon confirmation of your selection and does not affect whether or not you are selected.